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Agency “Mis Latvija®” is the only official organisation entitled to organise the National beauty contests Miss and Mister Latvia. The pageant has been a success already for more than 25 years in Latvia. “Mis Latvija®” and “Misters Latvija®” trademark are reserved exclusively for the National beauty pageants organised by the agency. In addition, the agency endorses a limited number of long-term regional partners.

Agency's sole owner and founder is Ms. Inta Fogele who has been organising Miss Latvia since 1988. She has received awards for achievements in promoting cultural ties on two occasions between Latvia and Ukraine and Latvia and Malta, and acknowledged as one of the best directors of the National beauty contests in the world.

The government of Latvia supports the agency by financing the licenses to Miss and Mister World contests as a way of promoting image of the country in the world.

In the preceding years contacts have been developed with a large number of beauty pageant agencies around the world. Agency holds licenses for delegating representatives of Latvia to over 64 beauty contests in the world including Miss, Mister, Mrs. World and Mrs. Universe.

In recent years preparation of contestants, photo and video materials for National beauty contest took place in different exotic countries. Latvian contestants have traveled to Egypt three times, Tunisia two times, Malta, and Turkey in cooperation with Tez Tour. Shootings for “Miss & Mister Latvia 2004” were staged in Tunisia, this time in 5 stars hotel “Imperial Marhaba”. In 2005 shootings of Miss and Mr. Latvia 2005 were held in Sharm el Sheikh. All finalists were staying for two weeks in the 5 stars hotel Savoy, which was announced in the World Travel Awards ceremony as the best resort 2005 in Sharm el Sheikh. In 2007 and 2008 contests were shot in Egypt's Hurghada resort. Shootings for “Miss & Mister Latvia 2007” were staged in Titanic Beach Spa & Aqua Park. “Miss & Mister Latvia 2008” was accomodated by Azur Hotels and Resorts.

These travels are absolutely free for the contestants whose traveling and accommodation expenses are fully covered. A sponsored flight takes Latvian VIP's, media and television teams that produce video and photo materials as well as ensuring press coverage of the host country. We have plans to stage filming for the next contest in another exotic country to broaden host countries knowledge of our culture. There is possibility to attend show programme where guests can see Latvian designer fashion shows, pop music stars, dances etc.

Besides the National beauty contests the agency is also in advertising business but is not primarily commerce oriented.

Our sponsors, who are provided exclusivity of co-operation in their field of activity, includes also such well known brands as Samsung Mobile, Daewoo, Schwarzkopf Professional, Speedo, Gottex and biggest Latvian perfume producer Dzintars who have made “Miss” and “Mister” cosmetics lines and others.

“Mis Latvija®” name and logo are registered trademarks of agency “Mis Latvija®”. Do not incorporate “Mis Latvija” name or logo into your own product names, service names, trademarks, logos, company names, websites, or social media, and do not adopt marks or logos that are confusingly similar to “Mis Latvija” logo. Any use of “Mis Latvija” name or logo must be truthful, fair, and not misleading.


Tel./fax: (+371) 67210914

Director Ms. Inta Fogele cell phone: (+371) 29222643

E-mail: info@mis.lv

Skype: mis_intafogele

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mis.latvija

Inta Fogele
Inta Fogele
Inta Fogele
Inta Fogele